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We Need Your Help!

During this Fall semester, we are hosting a virtual fundraising event. We have two short videos that illustrate what is happening with university students almost daily on campus. Our purpose is to increase awareness of The Great Exchange, to encourage people to join us at campus events and raise funds so this ministry will flourish and expand.

Would you consider inviting your friends and family to watch this presentation with you?

TGE Virtual Fundraiser 2021

Spiritual Conversations

There is an unprecedented opportunity to reach 20-year-olds on the university campus. The Great Exchange has found this next generation of young people to be extremely open to hearing and responding to the good news of the Gospel. They are not attracted to religion or our entertainment, but when we begin to discuss the means that God has made for us to know Him, they are intrigued.

At university campuses everywhere we are having hundreds of ongoing conversations about Jesus. It is an exciting, attractive atmosphere and students find it fun and exhilarating. It is a lot like what it might have been like to be at the Areopagus in Athens in Acts 17.

The Great Exchange is an equipping ministry whose goal is to come alongside existing churches and ministries with tools to share the gospel in their spheres of influence. We do this by partnering with the church or ministry to hold Great Exchange events on their campuses and in their communities. At our events, we politely ask people if they would like to participate in spiritual interest surveys. If they say yes, we merely listen politely to their answers. At the end of the survey, we ask if they would like to know how they can know God personally. Because we have listened politely, more often than not they are happy to hear what we have to say. It is an open door to share the gospel and offer an opportunity to make a personal decision to follow Jesus.

Events This Week

Join the movement! The Great Exchange is always looking for more churches and ministries with which to partner. If you can support our ministry, please consider making a financial contribution.

What Is The Great Exchange?

The Great Exchange believes “God made Jesus, who knew no sin, to become sin on our behalf, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God” (2 Cor 5:21). God treated Jesus as if He lived our lives on the cross, and then He turns and treats us as if we had lived Jesus’ perfect life.

Join us for an event and share your faith with college students at these upcoming events.

Virtual Ministry Introduction

This fall, The Great Exchange is hosting a virtual fundraising event, and we need your help! We have two short videos illustrating our outreach to university students and our desire to reach our young 20-year-old friends for Jesus.

Help us increase awareness for The Great Exchange, encourage new volunteers, and raise funds so our ministry can flourish and expand.

Join the Movement!

The Great Exchange is looking for more churches and ministries with which to partner. If you are interested in hosting The Great Exchange on your campus, in your community, or if you are interested in joining us on campus one day, let us know!